Best Basketball Hoops for Kids – For Future Champions

Do you know any boys or girls who are interested in playing basketball?

If so, there is one thing that you can get them that will hugely benefit their skills – a basketball hoop.

When they start practicing from an early age, they will develop much better coordination and abilities, as well as their shot so that they are completely ready when they start shooting on the real deal.

Who knows? Maybe it’s going to become a strong passion of theirs, and they may be a future superstar!

If nothing, playing basketball is incredibly fun.

We’ve narrowed down many products that we’ve tried to the list of the best basketball hoops for kids one can find on the market.

Best Basketball Hoops for Kids – Our Top Picks Reviewed 

As promised, here are our top picks for basketball hoops for kids, for every age and purpose.

Scroll down, and you’ll surely find the one that suits your needs!

We decided to proclaim the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set the best basketball hoop for kids for several reasons.

Firstly, this basket will grow with your kid. As it can be adjusted to six settings (between 2 and 4 feet), it is appropriate for kids from 3 to 5 years old.

While it develops the kid’s competitive and motor skills, it also guarantees to lift their morale as the oversized rim makes it easy to score. You don’t want something that has a narrow hoop so that children get frustrated and discouraged, and yet, it preserves the right level of challenge.

Nothing can beat your kid’s happiness when s/he finally manages to slam dunk on this hoop!

Also, we’ve evaluated the junior-sized ball that comes in the set, and it earned the highest grades. It’s just the appropriate size for kids to hold, it is made of safe materials, and once it got flat, it was very easy to re-inflate it.

It also comes with the user manual for assembling it, which, frankly, you won’t need. The assembly is pretty intuitive.

In the instructions, they tell you that you should fill the base with up to 40lbs of sand if you want to make it more stable, but it would be perfect with way less sand, perhaps 13-14lbs at most. Alternatively, you can fill it with water.


  • Six height settings
  • The ball is perfectly sized for kids
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Easy to assemble (no additional tools required)
  • The hoop is attached firmly to the board


  • None that we could find!

Kiddie Play Youth Basketball Hoop for Kids Indoor and Outdoor – Runner-Up


Our runner-up did not win just because it isn’t small enough to fit the youngest kids, but it is equally well-made and fun.

The primary reason for its incompatibility with kids under the age of 4 is its height – it can be adjusted from 5.8 to 8.7 feet, which means that it can get quite high, and serve your little boys and girls for many years.

The base is made of plastic, but it doesn’t feel plasticky and cheap, especially with the solid metal stand on which it rests and the sturdy hoop. 

Just fill it with water or sand, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off, even if kids are all about dunk shots.

It comes with a basketball that is slightly smaller than the standard size (8.6 inches in diameter), but in case you want to use a regular ball, it will fit into the hoop. Basically, this basketball hoop is a real at-home simulator of practice and playing.


  • Modern design
  • Perfect size for kids who want to become professionals
  • Durable
  • Stable metal stand
  • Easy-to-follow-instructions
  • A real basketball
  • It comes with a pump


  • A bit pricey

Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Balls 16 “x12 – Basketball Hoop for Door Set – Budget Pick


The next is our budget pick that isn’t the same kind as the previous two, but rather an indoor basketball hoop that should be assembled on the door.

It comes with all the necessary door mounting hardware and tools, and it was much easier to set up than we expected. You can also adjust its height by changing the position on the door to fit your child’s needs.

It is very satisfactory to score, as the net swishes like with the real hoop. Your kid can also practice dunks, as the steel rim is securely attached to the board, and will instantly go back into place after the shot.

There are two mini rubber balls that arrive deflated, and they look like real basketballs and are very bouncy.

No worries – you can fold down the rim to open the door fully as the hoop has a spring, and when you close it, it will automatically pop up.


  • Basketballs bounce well
  • Fits nicely over any door
  • Sturdy
  • It doesn’t scratch
  • The high resemblance to the professional hoop


  • Our set came without the pump needle, but we managed to sort it out with the customer support, and they sent one right away

Toddler Basketball Hoop Stand Adjustable Height 2.5 ft -5.1 ft Mini Indoor Basketball – Best for Younger Kids


The Toddler Basketball Hoop Stand by Auggie is made for the youngest superstars-to-be, as it can be adjusted from 2.5 to 5.1 feet, meaning it will serve your child as s/he grows.

The earlier they begin playing, the better – the moves will grow in on them, and their precision will improve. It also helps with their development and motor skills.

Even if your kid is 5 or 6 and wants to play on the high setting, you can lower it so that they can dunk – they will be amazed!

You don’t need any additional tools to assemble it; everything is included in the package: the backboard, rim, net, stand, base, pump, ball, and hooks and bolts.

The basketball is 5.1 inches in diameter, and your kids won’t have any trouble holding it and shooting.

Just like for all the basketball hoops with a stand, you can add water or sand to make it more stable.


  • Made per ASTM & CPSC standards for toy safety
  • Everything you need for installation is included
  • Can be played indoors and outdoors
  • Metal base
  • Net is easily detached so you can wash it


  • Heavy rain damaged the plastic a bit, so you should bring it in when it starts to rain

HAHAKEE Basketball Hoop for Kids Set, Adjustable Portable Basketball Set – Best Design


The Hahakee basketball hoop set with the red-and-blue color scheme going on will certainly look attractive in any yard or home, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you want to place it on the wall, there are convenient points to fix the board, and the structure is supported with a stiffener so that it is more durable.

As the height can be adjusted from 2.9 to 5.3 feet, this set is great for kids aged 4 to 8.

The bottom of the base’s tripod design reduces shaking, and if that’s not enough, it can hold up to 50 lbs of sand. In this package, you’ll get a sandbag, which isn’t often the case, so it earned a huge plus for that!

Also, the stand has a hole for the hose, so that you can fill it with up to 1.3 gallons of water.

The instruction manual was unnecessarily complicated, but overall, we didn’t have any trouble assembling the basketball hoop, and it will take you no more than 20 minutes.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Modern design
  • Metal rod
  • Reinforced sturdy rim
  • The basketball is soft and bouncy
  • Adjustable height


  • The instructions are a bit confusing, though it is easy to assemble the hoop

The Intex Basketball Hoop is not what you’re used to or what you imagine when you say “basketball hoop for kids,” but it is incredibly fun to use in summer. Its low price makes it even more appealing.

So, this is an inflatable basketball pool hoop! Its base is like a big swim ring, and then there are three poles on top of which is the hoop.

The fact that it will move around in the water makes it a bit more challenging, but it’s generally easy to score.

And when you’re done – simply deflate it and carry it wherever you need. It will provide a lot of fun at your kiddie pool, yard pool, or even at the beach.

It is made of durable vinyl (the improvised net, as well), and the material will stand to wear. In case an accident happens, there is a repair patch for quick fixes that you get in the box. You also get an inflatable soft basketball.


  • Durable material
  • Inflates quickly
  • Great for summer games
  • Kids seem to love it
  • Budget-friendly price


  • The ball is very small (the hoop is large enough to accommodate standard basketball balls, so you can use them instead)

Meland Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids – Best Indoor


Moving on to another indoor basketball hoop for kids, the Meland Mini Basketball Hoop Set is one of the best in the category that you can get.

The backboard with the steel-rim basket and a realistic ball net is easily adjusted to the door, and you get the complete mounting hardware in the set, including the tools such as a wrench and screwdriver.

This basketball hoop passed all of our durability tests with flying colors, as the steel rim can withstand a lot of dunks. 

Also, the backboard features shock-proof sponge strips on the edge that reduce stretches on the door, as well as noise.  You won’t even hear that a whole basketball game is going on in another room!

It comes with three rubber balls (more than any other set), as well as the pump to inflate them. Apparently, junior-sized basketballs tend to easily get lost even when it’s an indoor hoop, so having three balls comes in handy.

P.S. If you want to enhance the set and make it even more interesting to your kid, you can buy a net that glows in the dark. It looks amazing during the night and is a unique decoration for kids’ parties.


  • Heavy-duty rim
  • Comes with three balls
  • The spring instantly brings the rim back into place
  • Sponge padding on the backboard
  • You can mount it both on the wall and the door


  • Long assembly time

Arcade Basketball Hoop Game by BestKidBall – Basement Toys – Basketball Hoop for Kids – Best Arcade


Which kid wouldn’t be amazed to have an arcade game at their home? Even us, adults, enjoy playing them.

Therefore, the Arcade Basketball Hoop Game is undoubtedly one of the best gifts that you can get for your kid’s practice and fun.

Although it has many pieces, the instructions are clear and precise (there’s even a free ebook), and you will have it all put together in no time.

It comes with two balls, though you would need to purchase some additional small & soft basketballs if you want it to be the real arcade experience.

The constant practice of an arcade game will surely significantly increase the hand-eye coordination and skills of your youngsters.

Another detail that we liked is that the lower part of the hoop is made like a storage box (secured with a net) so you can keep your kid’s books, toys, or these basketballs and save up some space.


  • Space-saving
  • Cheap for an arcade game
  • Excellent for developing skills
  • Fun
  • Efficient pump included in the purchase
  • Easy assembling


  • We wish that it included more than two balls, as it is an arcade game
  • Not challenging enough for school kids

Best Choice Products Kids Portable Height-Adjustable Sports Basketball Hoop – Best for School Kids


When your kids are already familiar with the basics of shooting, and s/he is a preschooler or older, you need to step up the game (no pun intended) and get them a taller hoop.

Namely, the height of this hoop can be adjusted between 6.5 and 8 feet, which is challenging enough for all junior players.

Even adults can play on this one!

The base can be filled with sand or water for increased stability, and it has something that all others on our list lack: two wheels for easier transportation. 

So, you can easily bring it in if your kid wants to play indoors or if it starts raining, though it’s not mandatory, as the materials are waterproof.

The only objection we have is that it doesn’t come with any basketball(s). This is definitely a minus, considering that all other sets do!


  • Has wheels
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Durable net
  • Realistic
  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Adjustable height
  • Doesn’t scratch the floors if used inside


  • Basketball isn’t included in the purchase

Best Basketball Hoops for Kids – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How high is a youth basketball hoop?

A: There is no “correct” answer to this question, as the height of the hoop varies with age (and vice versa, not all kids of the same age are the same height).

Luckily, most of the basketball hoops for kids are made with a base that allows you to adjust the height of the hoop.

Therefore, you can adjust the height easily according to your preference and your kid’s age.

When deciding on the height of the hoop that you want to buy, this table may come in handy:

Q: What is the best indoor basketball hoop?

A: Based on the gauntlet of tests that we performed, the best indoor basketball hoop is the Meland Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids.

In case you’re looking for something easier on your pocket, then the Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Balls 16 “x12 – Basketball Hoop for Door Set is another excellent choice for an indoor hoop.

Q: What size basketball hoop should I get?

A: If referring to the height of the basketball hoop, check the table above in which we talked about it.

When it comes to the size of the backboard, it should be wide enough so that your kid doesn’t have trouble scoring, but it shouldn’t take up too much space unnecessarily so that you can’t fit it anywhere.

As a rule of thumb, kids’ basketball hoop backboards are usually somewhere in the range of 16 x 12 inches.

After it’s All Said & Done, We Recommend:


If you’re aiming at the best basketball hoop for kids, the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is the one.

It is not only its durability and safety that impressed us but also the design and versatility.

A bonus on top of a bonus is the fact that it sells at more than a reasonable price.

Believe us – in no time, your future superstar will learn to dribble and shoot precise shots. They can even dunk, which is something that will bring them immense joy and fun!
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