Best Halloween Toys for Kids – Scary, Spooky and Funny Ideas

Who doesn’t like the hype of Halloween? 

As October 31st nears, and the landscape is filled with leaves and pumpkin-strewn sidewalks, everyone’s preparing their costumes, and the suspense builds up.

For youngsters, it’s even better. They get to read scary stories without making excuses, and they are allowed to form trick-or-treat herds of superheroes and vampires.

What makes their whole celebration experience even better are Halloween toys!

Because of that, we delved into an in-depth investigation of the best Halloween toys for kids that will complete the spooky atmosphere of the Halloween season.

Best Halloween Toys for Kids – Our Top Picks Reviewed 

Here you can check our detailed reviews of the best Halloween toys for kids that are sure to mark their spooky adventures. Read on!

1. Lego Trick or Treat Halloween Seasonal Set – Editor’s Pick

Lego Trick or Treat Halloween

There are not many toys on the market that are as beneficial for kids as Lego sets: they develop kids’ motor skills, teach them to work towards a goal, enhance creativity, but also offer an opportunity for cooperative play. They deserved to be called the toy of the century.

This is their take in Halloween theme, with the Lego Trick or Treat Halloween Seasonal Set.

There are as many as 133 pieces in the set, checking all of the boxes for inevitable Halloween scenery. 

Skeleton and witch? Checked (actually, these are the two main “characters,” aka mini-figures). Spiders, pumpkins, trick or treat bags, brooms, bats? Checked. 

There is even the door for the Halloween house, a tombstone, the building blocks of a yard… Everything needed for a complete scene, to the tiniest detail.

If your kid loves Legos and Halloween – everything’s clear. There’s no better toy for them.

And it is a part of an exclusive Lego collection that eveyone will always admire.


  • Children develop their skills while playing
  • Durable
  • Thoughtful
  • Many pieces
  • Enables role-play
  • Excellent design


  • A bit pricey

2. Doctor Dreadful Dr.Dreadful Zombie Lab – Runner-Up

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab is one of those STEAM toys for all of the rookie scientists out there during Halloween time.

They will get to mix and make a fair amount of scary and disgusting stuff that is edible – zombies’ brains, spooky drinks, worms, and even zombies’ barf.

All the necessary tools are included in the purchase: a creepy zombie head, brain mold, tweezers, worm, and monocle mold, stick for stirring, scoop, cup for measuring, a syringe, and six packages of candy & drink mixes.

For the most part, the imagination will do the work, but there are precise and clear instructions in case the child gets stuck in the process.

Are your little scientists interested in making more gross candy for Halloween? Check out the Doctor Dreadful Bug Lab, as well!


  • No allergens
  • Clear instructions
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Kids can make a lot of treats
  • Unique


  • It creates a bit of a mess

3. LED Light Up Wands 4 Pack / Pieces Pumpkin Jack O Lanterns – Budget-Friendly Pick

Led Light Up Wands
LED Light Up Wands

These inexpensive toys are sure to brighten up every kid’s day during Halloween. It’s a pack of four beautifully designed glowing sticks with pumpkin tops.

There are three different light modes (rapid flashing, color-changing, and slow-mo), and you can probably imagine how cool they look in the dark!

It’s guaranteed: every kid will smile when they see one of these.

While the kids will most probably like them for the light properties, what we liked is how versatile and useful they are. Just think about it: They can be used for playing, as a costume accessory, taken to trick-or-treating, or put into goody bags!

You’ll give children a whole new magical perspective with these.

If, for any reason (though we don’t believe this will be the case), you aren’t satisfied with the product, Simply Charmed offers a full refund.


  • Simple yet effective
  • The cheapest on our list
  • Four wands in a pack
  • Kids love it


  • None here!

4. The Noodley LED Gloves for Kids – Best Clothes Pick

Led Gloves for Kids

Here’s another toy that lights up in the dark – kids seem to love them.

This time around, we found (and tested) LED gloves for kids that are sure to boost their confidence and fun, as well as bring all attention to them at Halloween parties and events.

Not to mention that they are a perfect addition to any costume!

They are made of the finest cotton & polyester blend that we’ve seen in a long time, and have a practical function, as well – they will warm the hands of your youngest ones on a cold night of October 31st.

We suggest that you get the S size for kids 4-7, and M for 8-13. Also, there is a purple and a pink variant if you like it better!


  • Attractive design
  • High-quality material
  • Sweatproof
  • Good for winter, not just for Halloween


  • They don’t have “Halloween” written all over them like some other picks, though they perfectly fit the occasion

5. The White Ghost cradled The Pillow – Best Ghost-Themed

The white ghost pillow for kids

Did you think we forgot about ghosts? No way! They are another Halloween essential, and this is the best ghost-shaped toy that we have found.

This 13-inch soft cushion is incredibly cheap, and your little ones are sure to fall in love with it the moment they see it. Besides, it’s so squishy and soft that you will not want to stop squeezing it!

Measuring at 13 x 13.15 x 10 inches, you can take this plush toy wherever you want without any trouble.

It looks just like in the picture, with one exception – the tongue was pink and not red, but that was maybe just the case with us. Anyhow, it’s not a big deal at all. We just wanted to give you a  heads-up!


  • Useful
  • Spooky
  • Soft
  • Machine washable
  • Quality materials
  • Lint-free


  • Kids may have more fun playing with some other toys, but this is definitely a must for their room!

6. JOYIN 120 Pieces Halloween Toys Assortment for Halloween – The Most Versatile

Joyin Halloween Toys for kids

Not sure what to buy for kids during Halloween? Then why not go with ALL of it!

This carefully curated bundle of Halloween toys by Joyin contains 120 pieces of themed toys for your kids.

There were many toys in the package, so forgive us if we have missed some, but we tried to keep a note of what it includes. 

Here goes: witch’s cauldrons, coil springs, stampers, spiders, vampire teeth, yo-yos, bouncing balls, coil springs, pumpkin buckets, green Halloween duck, witch fingers, spider rings, even mustache stickers.

As you can see, there’s everything you need for Halloween decoration and goody bags, or perhaps a Halloween pinata.

What is more, the manufacturers have not compromised on the quality of the toys for their quantity. They don’t feel cheap; quite the contrary.

We also wanted to mention that Joyin offers a complete money-back guarantee if something’s missing from the pack.


  • Contains virtually any Halloween toy you can think of
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Versatile
  • High-quality toys
  • Suitable for both boys and girls


  • Yo-yous have to be rerolled manually

7. Skeleteen Witch Broomstick – Best Witch-Themed

 Best Witch-Themed

Ask any girl what kind of toy she wants to have for Halloween, and the chances are that she’ll reply with something witch-themed.

The market is crowded with witch broomstick replicas, but Skeleteen has produced arguably the best one.

Spooky looks, real twigs, even the curved handle – everything’s there, and the materials are non-toxic and 100% safe for children.

It can be used as a part of a witch costume or by itself.

If you’re wondering about the dimensions of the broomstick, they are as follows: the wooden handle is 24.5 inches long, and the bristle part made of twigs is 14’’. Also, that part can be removed for easier storage!

Witchcraft is an evergreen motif for Halloween. If your kids, however, are more into the wizardry thematics, check this wizard training wand instead.


  • Smells like trees, really authentic
  • Actual twigs
  • Looks like a real witch broomstick
  • Budget-friendly price


  • On one occasion, the lower part fell out

8. BEJOY Remote Control Spider Toy – The Spookiest

Remote Control Spider Toy for kids

The next toy is not something that you should get for a kid that is easily scared, as it combines two quite spooky and realistic elements into one – a skull and a spider.

While the skull is a bit animated, the hairy, disgusting legs really resemble those of tarantula. But that’s not even the creepiest part!

It is actually a moving skeleton tarantula, and it is controlled by infrared wireless remote control.

When you turn it on, in addition to scampering and crawling around in the direction you determine, the eyes of the skull will glow blue, and its mouth will be swinging up-and-down. Literally, like in horror movies!

Don’t forget to buy batteries, as they are not included in the package. You’ll need four 1.5V AA batteries for the toy, and one 9V block for the remote control.


  • Durable
  • Ultra-scary
  • Easy to control
  • Fun
  • Large dimensions


  • Batteries aren’t included

9. LEGO Creator Vampire and Bat – Best Vampire-Themed

Lego Creator: Vampire and Bat

There are so many premium Lego sets for Halloween that we simply had to include another one on our list.

This one is vampire-themed, and it comes with more pieces – 150 – while also being significantly cheaper.

What do you get in this set?

While some sets contain a lot of smaller details, this one creates two larger figures – a beautifully designed vampire with movable hands and long, sharp fangs, dressed in an authentic suit – black cape, purple vest & bow tie, shirt, and grey trousers.

Also, there are the building blocks for his bat pet that can move its wings.

Even when not playing, this Halloween toy will look great on display wherever you decide to put it!


  • Stimulates creativity
  • Kids develop their skills
  • Excellent design
  • Budget-friendly price
  • A decent size
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Some  tiny pieces can easily get lost

10. 4 Pack Bean Plush Dolls – Best for Younger Kids

4 Pack Bean Plush dolls Best for Younger kids

While really young kids also love Halloween, they don’t necessarily need toys that will scare them. That’s why this pack of four adorable plush dolls makes a perfect gift for them.

They are created per the characters of famous Disney preschool series, Vampirina, and if your kid has seen the show, s/he will love it even more! If not, maybe now is the time to do it – they will be so happy that they can hang out with protagonists in real life.

Each toy is made with the same soft and cuddly stuffed material, and yet, they look so unique! 

First, there is purple Gregoria, a cute dragon, Wolfie with its messy fur, Demi, a blue ghost, and her majesty herself, Vampirina, a young vampire, recreated in her famous signature outfit from the show.

Vampirina is about 8 inches tall, while the rest are around 5 inches.


  • You get four plush toys for an excellent price
  • Lively colors
  • Based on a TV-show
  • Great material
  • Soft


  • The toys won’t be too interesting for older kids who haven’t seen the show

11. Skeleton skull & crossbones STACKING – Best for School Kids

Skeleton skull crossbones

Everyone has probably played Jenga, aka stacking (or better yet, reverse stacking) games at least once – the players are carefully trying to remove a piece from the stack as they switch turns, using only one hand. The one who takes out a piece and destroys the whole construction loses.

And here is the Halloween version of the game, created by Kikkerland! It has standard wooden pieces (54) painted in white and the shape of a bone. There’s also the skull that goes on top and makes the game more challenging.

This is also an excellent toy for a Halloween party, and your kid can play it with friends all the time!


  • Simple rules
  • Cooperative play
  • Fun
  • Spooky design
  • A lot of pieces


  • Putting the skull on the top of construction requires a bit of patience

12. Super-Vampire Board Game – Best Board Game

Super Vampire Board Game

Board games are another fun Halloween toy for kids, and after going through dozens of them, we made our mind about two board games that are best for kids – one for younger and one for older.

Beginning with the former, the Super-Vampires Board is excellent for beginner board game players as the rules are very easy to pick up, and the illustrations are vivid and fun.

The main task of the game is to go around the “crypt” (awesome and colorful board) with towers and collect all the garlic that you should bring back to the tower. You are a vampire who feeds Garly (yeah, you guessed it – a garlic lover), and whoever collects the most is the winner.

An average round lasts around 25 minutes, and there can be two to four players.


  • Eerie details
  • 3D design
  • Great for little kids
  • Two-sided map with different garlic distribution
  • Family & friends game
  • Easy to learn


  • It gets repetitive after a couple of times, but it’s great to play around Halloween!

13. Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf – The Most Interesting

one night ultimate werewolf

While the previous board game was for beginner players, the One Night Ultimate Werewolf is for intermediate, age nine and up.

Have you ever played “Mafia,” or the online version, “Town of Salem”? The concept is the same, except there is a werewolf theme that perfectly blends into Halloween.

For those of you who haven’t played either of these games, here’s briefly what they are about: each player (there can be 3-10 – the more, the better) is assigned a role at the beginning of the game. 

There are variations, but the players are mostly divided into good and evil roles, and the task of the former is to find evil – in this case, the werewolf.

They do so during the night and day phases, and there are other challenges that the good players have to overcome. If they don’t succeed in doing so or accuse the wrong player, the werewolf has won the game!

Other roles are troublemaker, tanner, villager, drunk, mason, minion, robber, hunter, doppelganger, insomniac, and seer.

Traditionally, this game is played with a narrator, but if everybody wants to be included in the roleplay, there is an app that aids you with playing.

Whatever the case, prepare for a lot of fun!


  • Immensely fun
  • Competitive gameplay
  • The app is available both for iOS and Android
  • Addictive
  • High-quality cards


  • May be too complicated for younger kids

Best Halloween Toys for Kids – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What do you put in Halloween goody bags?

A: The best Halloween goody bags contain a little bit of everything: candy, small toys, etc.

Mostly, it should be just a bunch of pumpkins, skeletons, skulls, witches, spiders, eyeballs, vampires, and any other small items you happen to find.

While all of the Halloween toys for kids we’ve mentioned today make a worthy addition to a Halloween goody bag, perhaps the best recommendation is the Joyin Halloween toy assortment. It includes 120 incredibly designed pieces that are perfect for making many goody bags.

And don’t forget to pack it all in an appropriate Halloween goody bag – perhaps even make one yourself!

Q: Which game is popular on Halloween?

A: There are many traditional Halloween games, including those that are played with apples, like Bobbing for Apples, Pass the Apple, and Snap-Apple; then, there are different kinds of storytelling games where kids compete who will tell the scariest story, ghost and mummy races…

We recommend board games that can be played by the whole family or that kids can play with their friends – One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Super-Vampire.

In addition to developing kids’ logical thinking, they are sure to spark up a lot of fun and healthy competitive spirit!

Q: What can I use as a trick or treat bag?

A: It’s easy to make a DIY trick-or-treat bag; you just need a couple of items and your imagination!

Your kids will be excited about collecting candy with any custom-made trick-or-treat bag.

For instance, you can use burlap and straw to create a bag that will resemble a scarecrow, or decorate your old tote bag so that it has Halloween motifs all over it. Even the simplest, all-white one will do if you add some black eyes and mouth and make it look like a ghost.

Another idea is to use any bucket or tin and paint it. Yeah, it’s that simple!

Q: How do you teach kids about Halloween?

A: For kids, Halloween mostly presents the time when they dress up, have fun, and collect free candy, but it doesn’t hurt to get them acquainted with at least a portion of the holiday’s rich history.

So, share a couple of facts with them – it’ll be exciting to them – but don’t get it too serious. Keep it appropriate for their age!

If they are very young, playing Halloween cartoons for kids will be enough (there are tons to be found online), and if they are school-age, there are various books that you can buy them, e.g., Why do We Celebrate Halloween?, or When the Clock Strikes on Halloween.



These best Halloween toys for kids will undoubtedly make your trick-or-treaters happy and excited about the upcoming holiday.

In between telling the scary tales, giggling with other kids, and carving the pumpkin, they will surely have a lot of fun playing with these toys and board games!

Our favorite is the Lego Trick or Treat Halloween Seasonal Set, but there are other toys with different variations and Halloween themes that are equally impressive.

Let us know what is your favorite one, and what else do you want us to find – kids’ costumes, perhaps?

Happy Howl-o-ween!

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