Mickey Mouse Toys for 2 Year Olds: 15 Toys Your Toddlers Will Love

It’s insane to think that it’s been over 90 years since Mickey Mouse was born, isn’t it? No matter how old the world’s most famous mouse gets, there’s still something undeniably timeless about him: 

He’s entertained generations after generations of children around the globe – and he grabs the attention of kids today, too! 

If your toddlers adore Mickey Mouse as much as we did when we were kids, why not surprise them with one of the best Mickey Mouse toys for 2 year olds

We’ve compiled this list of our favorite toddler-friendly Mickey Mouse toys just for you!

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Mickey Mouse Toys for 2-Year-Olds – Our Top Picks Reviewed 

We rounded up our favorite Mickey Mouse toys for two-year-olds below – now, let’s see which one’s the best pick for your little ones!

1. Mickey Mouse Plush – Medium – 17” – Editor’s Choice

Mickey Mouse Plush Toys

If your two-year-old loves Mickey Mouse, this authentic plush toy should be right at the top of your list!

When a toddler attaches themselves to a stuffed toy, this bond can improve their communication and social skills. What’s more, having a “friend” – even if it’s a plush toy – can teach your child how to self-soothe and cope with anxiety. 

And what’s better than an original stuffed toy made by Disney? 

The 17-inch size makes it perfect for two-year-old kids, with huggable polyester material, vibrant colors, and beautifully embroidered features that will keep your little one entertained for hours. 

It’s easy enough to carry around and bring on long car trips, and at the same time, soft and cuddly enough to become their new sleeping buddy. 


  • Authentic stuffed toy made by Disney 
  • Quality stitching and vibrant colors 
  • Soft and plush polyester material 
  • Suitable for two- and three-year-olds
  • Washing-machine-friendly 


  • None so far

2. LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey – Runner Up


The DUPLO Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade set is not only an excellent introduction to the exciting, imagination-fueled world of LEGO but an outstanding birthday present – or even birthday cake topper – too!

Besides your toddler’s beloved Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures, the 24-piece set features everything that your little one will need for building the ultimate birthday parade. It includes balloons, buildable cake, candle, three gift-decorated bricks, and five brightly-colored numbered bricks. 

Plus, it’s compatible with other LEGO and DUPLO sets; building options are pretty much endless! 

All the pieces are sturdy and durable, perfectly sized for little toddler hands, and, most importantly, nothing in the set poses a choking hazard. 


  • 24-piece birthday party building set 
  • Works with other DUPLO sets and LEGO bricks 
  • Develops fine motor skills and imagination 
  • No choking hazard 


  • The playset is relatively small 

3. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & The Roadster Racers Garage Playset – Upgrade Pick

Mickey's Roadster Racers Garage

The Fisher-Price Mickey & The Roadster Racers Garage set may be a bit more advanced. 

However, if you’re raising an adventurous little guy that loves all things car- and racing-related, then this could be the perfect gift for their upcoming birthday!

The entire set is made of highly durable plastic and features a three-level garage, complete with a 360-degree spinning lift and a hidden fold-out ramp. 

A three-inch poseable Mickey Mouse figure is also included, and so is Mickey’s car. 

It transforms into a proper roadster racer with the help of your toddler’s imagination – and cool snap-on accessories like spoilers, exhaust pipe, and engine. 


  • Durable and multi-featured playset 
  • Three-level garage set with hidden ramp and 360-degree spinning lift 
  • Lots of included accessories 
  • Includes a poseable Mickey figure and a car 


  • Can be too advanced for two-year-olds 
  • May pose a choking hazard

4. Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse Classic Plush Pillow Buddy

Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse Classic  Pillow

Too many stuffed animals? There’s no such thing, regardless of how old you are! So, here’s one more for you. 

While it looks like a regular plush toy – and every bit as fluffy and cuddly, too – it’s much more than that. 

This Pillow Buddy is a perfect gift for toddlers who are still struggling with the idea of sleeping alone and need their favorite Disney character to keep them company:

It’s super soft, huggable, and fun to play with during the day. And at night, it takes on the role of a sleeping buddy. 

Plus, it makes for cute bedroom decoration and is a perfect companion for long car rides and sleepovers.


  • Made from soft-to-the-touch polyester microfiber 
  • Perfect toy and a sleeping buddy for toddlers
  • Travel-friendly size 
  • No parts that could be a choking hazard 


  • Spot-clean only 

5. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Sing & Giggle Mickey Clubhouse

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Sing & Giggle Mickey Clubhouse

If your toddler doesn’t find “regular” plush toys as entertaining or fascinating as you’d hoped for, this incredibly cute Fisher-Price Mickey Clubhouse toy will surely be enough to capture your toddler’s attention. 

What makes this one so unique? 

Well, besides being super soft and cuddly, this Mickey Mouse stuffed toy sings and giggles, as well! 

One press of his little tummy and Mickey starts singing the iconic Hot Dog song. Another gentle squeeze and he’ll burst into giggles! 

Your toddler will love seeing their favorite Disney character come to life – and you’ll love seeing them singing along and giggling while cuddling with their new toy!


  • Well-made, soft, and cuddly plush toy 
  • The toy sings the Hot Dog song and giggles 
  • Easy to activate and safe for two-year-olds


  • It’s quite expensive 

6. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clubhouse Pals

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clubhouse Pals

Nothing would make your little Disney fan happier than seeing their favorite cartoon character – Mickey Mouse – along with all of his friends: 

Featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy, this Clubhouse Pals set is bound to make your toddler’s eyes light up with joy! 

Each figure is three inches tall, made from plastic, and displayed in their signature outfit and pose with incredible detail. Better yet, four of them are poseable and can bend at the waist, too. 

Your kids can take their favorite Disney friends on countless adventures using nothing but their imagination – which can be incredibly beneficial – but they work with other Mickey Mouse playsets, too! 


  • Five three-inch collectible figures
  • Compatible with other Mickey Mouse playsets
  • Four figures are poseable 
  • Develops imagination and motor skills


  • Doesn’t include Daisy 
  • Longevity may be an issue 

7. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse

Your two-year-old’s eyes will light up with excitement when they catch a glimpse of their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in this playset. 

“Zip, Slide & Zoom” isn’t only the name of the set; it’s a straight-to-the-point description of its main features – this Fisher-Price toddler playset has a lot going on: 

It includes a nifty combo of a hot air balloon zip-line, a slide full of twists and turns that leads through the Mickey-shaped ears and straight to the yellow, shoe-shaped garage. Once Mickey’s in the garage, pressing the green button sends him – and his little red car – zooming forward. 

Plus, the poseable, three-inch Mickey figure and the included car can be used manually, which encourages creative play. 


  • Tons of activities at a reasonable price
  • Hot air balloon, zip-line, slide, and push-activated car launcher combo 
  • Resets easily 


  • Mickey falls out of the car 
  • Needs frequent reassembly 

8. Disney’s Mickey Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

Disney's Mickey Mouse Push and Go Racer Car
Disney’s Mickey Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

If you’re looking for a toy that’ll encourage your little one to go from crawling to taking their first steps, Disney’s Mickey Mouse Push and Go Racer Car may be worth considering: 

Pushing down on Mickey’s head launches the car forward, and surprisingly enough, it travels a pretty good distance – enough to make your toddler want to chase the zooming vehicle around the house. 

It may not play any music or have any flashing lights, but it’s still tons of fun. Plus, considering that it only measures 4.5 inches, it’s a perfect fit for tiny hands. 

The push-and-go action seems simple to the adult eye. However, it helps your toddler develop fine motor skills and learn about cause and effect. 


  • Easy push-and-go operation
  • Works on various surfaces 
  • Travels a good distance 
  • Encourages crawling and walking 


  • No sound or light effects
  • Mickey isn’t removable 

9. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Disney Mickey Mouse Silly Slides Fire Station

 Disney Mickey Mouse Silly Slides Fire Station

Some of us dreamed of becoming firemen when we were kids – and if you have a little aspiring fireman in your family, too, why not surprise them with this Silly Slides Fire Station playset? 

There’s a lot for your toddler to do and discover with this playset, which encourages imaginative play and develops fine motor skills: 

It comes with a rotating slide, a functional bell and doors, a spinning fire hydrant, a manual elevator, and, to make things even more exciting, it also features three Smart Point locations. Placing Mickey on one of these spots activates sounds, melodies, and fun phrases. 

Plus, Mickey’s fire truck plays songs, sounds, and phrases, too!


  • Rotating slide, bell, elevator, and spinning fire hydrant
  • Smart Point locations play melodies and phrases 
  • Improves fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play 


  • Comes apart easily 
  • The elevator doesn’t run smoothly 

10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey’s My First Learning Book Lights and Sounds

Mickey's My First Learning Book Lights and Sounds

Yes, toys should be fun to play with – but the educational value is every bit as important. The right toy can keep your toddler entertained, and at the same time, aid in their development. 

That’s what makes the Mickey’s My First Learning Book worth considering: 

Inspired by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – the most popular Disney Channel show for toddlers – this five-page, sing-along book is the perfect gift for little Mickey fans! 

Each page is filled with colorful illustrations, and attention-grabbing sounds and lights, which makes it a fun and interactive way to introduce your toddler to shapes, sounds, colors, and numbers. 

Plus, the book plays audio in two languages – English and Spanish – and is a perfect choice for bilingual families!


  • Fun and interactive toy with educational value
  • The five-page book features lights and sounds 
  • Available in English and Spanish for bilingual households 


  • No way to turn it off 

11. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone

If you think that you may be raising a little musician, why not get them all the right equipment for their first solo concert in the living room? 

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone

Disney Junior My First Microphone could be the perfect Mickey-Mouse-themed gift for your two-year-old rock star: 

The interactive microphone plays three signature songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show – the theme song, the Hot Dog song, and the Mousekedoer song – and encourages your child to sing along with the voice-amplifying feature, too. 

Plus, it lights up and can play different sound effects, depending on the selected character – Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy.

Most importantly, it has a unique educational value; figuring out the different features helps develop fine motor skills, concentration, and confidence. 


  • Plays three Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs 
  • Has varying sound effects and flashing lights 
  • Press-and-hold to sing along 


  • Can’t turn it off instantly 
  • Not as loud as expected

12. Disney Mickey Mouse My First Piano

Disney Mickey Mouse My First Piano

Like our previous pick, Disney’s My First Piano is another highly recommended musical toy for your little musician. 

It’s never too early for piano lessons, right?  

The tiny piano features their favorite cartoon character. Plus, it lights up and plays the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song at a push of a button. 

The coolest part, however, is that your toddler gets a genuine sense of accomplishment by playing with it and pressing different piano keys: 

Each of the keys plays a different note depending on how many times you press it, and when you press two keys simultaneously – regardless of the combination – you get unique sound effects or melodies, too!


  • Lights up and plays the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song 
  • Each key produces a different set of tones
  • Two-key combos play unique melodies and sound effects 


  • Smaller than expected 

13. Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle 

Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Melissa & Doug toys have an outstanding reputation for their brain-developing properties – and this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse wooden puzzle is no different. 

If you want to encourage hands-on, screen-free play, this eight-piece puzzle could be a perfect choice: 

The set includes a sturdy wooden board – complete with matching pictures that help kids complete the puzzle – and eight wooden puzzle pieces that feature Mickey Mouse and his friends. It offers the perfect difficulty level for younger toddlers to challenge your two-year-old and bring out the best in them! 

What’s more, the extra-thick design makes them easy to grab – even with tiny hands – and they’re also chunky enough not to pose a choking hazard. 

Plus, the pieces can be used separately for imagination-boosting pretend play! 


  • Encourages hands-on, screen-free play 
  • Age-appropriate difficulty level  
  • Chunky wooden pieces don’t pose a choking hazard
  • Helps develop problem-solving skills 


  • Only suitable for younger toddlers 

14. The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Bathtime Squirt Toys

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Bathtime Squirt Toys

Some toddlers seem to enjoy bath time, but for others, bath time can be a lot more challenging for everyone involved – both kids and parents. It doesn’t have to be, though: 

Whether your little ones enjoy their baths or not, this set of Disney squirt toys is bound to make things a whole lot more fun!

Besides the star of the show – Mickey Mouse – this set also includes Pluto and a beach ball. 

The toys are colorful and visually engaging, and compact enough for tiny hands, but the best part is that they can squirt water, too. Your toddler will love squirting water out of all three toys. 

If anything, it makes for an excellent distraction from the dreaded shampooing. 


  • Affordable three-piece bath set 
  • Durable and BPA-free 
  • Visually-engaging, colorful toys that float and squirt water 
  • Compact enough to fit tiny hands 


  • May develop mold if not dried properly

15. The First Years Shoot and Store Mickey Mouse Bath Toy

The First Years Shoot and Store Mickey Mouse Bath Toy

A few carefully-selected bath-friendly toys can make a difference between a cranky toddler and a toddler having tons of fun. 

This Shoot and Store set includes a Mickey Mouse backboard, a basketball hoop, and perfectly sized floating balls to toss into the net. It has what it takes to keep your little ones entertained and make the bath time routine more enjoyable.

More importantly, it helps your toddler work on their fine motor skills! 

Parents will appreciate the fact that setting it up doesn’t require drilling; the hoop features suction-cup-mounting. 

When the net isn’t in use, it acts as storage for the balls and other bath toys. 


  • Three easy-to-toss floating balls 
  • Foldable hoop and closed-bottom net that acts as a storage 
  • Uses suction cups for mounting 
  • Develops motor skills


  • Suction cups don’t hold well on some surfaces 

Mickey Mouse Toys for 2 Year Olds – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How to choose the best Mickey Mouse toy for toddlers?

A: The Walt Disney Company isn’t the sole manufacturer of Mickey Mouse toys. Instead, the cartoon character’s licensed to several toy manufacturers, which is one of the reasons why parents have such a wide variety of toys to choose from today. Having options is a good thing – especially if you’re shopping for a picky toddler – but it also makes it relatively tricky to narrow the choices down. 

Now, first things first; you want a quality-made, age-appropriate toy, and this is important for two reasons: 

One, a quality toy will be durable enough to endure active everyday play that often includes pulling, chewing, biting, etc. And two, it ensures that the toy keeps your toddler engaged by being challenging enough for their level of development. 

Also, toys are meant to be fun; no parent wants something that’ll sit around collecting dust. But at the same time, it should have a positive effect on your toddler’s development and help enhance their learning skills. 

Lastly, be sure that there aren’t any choking hazards, and that the toys are non-toxic and BPA-free. 

Q: What are the benefits of playing with character toys for kids?

A: It looks like your child’s playing a simple game, but there’s more going on there. As simple as it sounds, child’s play – especially when it involves using toys in new and innovative ways – is a complex, skill-building process that can be incredibly beneficial for their development.

Kids, regardless of their age, do learn best through playing. That’s particularly true for toddlers who don’t pay much attention to things unless they’re captivated by something. That’s where a familiar, beloved character – like Mickey Mouse – comes in: 

By helping create that instant spark, your toddler is drawn towards the toy, more curious, and willing to interact with it. 

Even more so, when a toddler attaches themselves to a toy – especially one that’s inspired by a beloved character of theirs – this toy brings about comfort, familiarity, and reassurance. When your child bonds with the toy, it becomes an object of affection for them. 

Q: Why is Mickey Mouse so famous? 

A: Mickey Mouse – Walt Disney’s most successful mascot and world’s most famous mouse – made his first appearance in 1928. But what is it about this cartoon character that makes him so universally loveable for so many generations? 

Well, for starters, there’s the image of a good-natured, fun-loving character starring in a lighthearted, goofy cartoon without an ounce of mean-spiritedness, but with just enough mischief to remain fun and whimsical. There’s something blandly genial, Everyman-like about Mickey Mouse’s personality that makes him such a likable character for such a wide range of audiences. 

Plus, our brains are hard-wired to have an affectionate, emotional response to animals with the so-called “cuteness factor,” including large heads, big eyes, and small chins. 

Mickey Mouse only grew more youthful and friendly in appearance – something that a child would respond to – which allowed him to remain so cute and widespread over the years. 

Mickey Mouse Plush – Medium – 17”

Our Rating: 94/100


Why is it better? 

  • Authentic Mickey Mouse toy by Disney 
  • Soft, polyester material with detailed, high-quality stitching and embroidered features 
  • A simple toy that encourages imaginative play 
  • Stuffed animals help toddlers improve social and communication skills 
  • Having a plush toy friend teaches them how to self-soothe and cope with anxiety
  • Can be washed in a washing machine


Yes, we picked the Mickey Mouse Plush – Medium – 17” as our absolute favorite; you can never go wrong with a soft, cuddly, huggable plushy. It will make even the most demanding Mickey Mouse fans jump up with joy! 

Every single one of these Mickey Mouse toys for 2 year olds is worth considering, though – some for their entertainment value and others for their highly educational, skills-developing properties. 

It’s all about making your little Disney fan happy – and who knows your toddler better than you? 

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