Gifts for Junior Groomsmen – Top Gift Ideas For Your Jr. Groomsman

You have a wedding venue, and a band picked out, you agreed on a wedding cake, and you have the invitations sent out – everything’s turning out better than you had hoped. And then it hits you: 

You haven’t picked out gifts for your junior groomsmen!

Your other groomsmen will surely be thrilled to receive flasks, beer mugs, or even personalized shot glasses. But these gifts – as cool as they are – are nowhere near appropriate for the youngest members of your wedding party. 

What are the best gifts for junior groomsmen, then? 

You should pick something that fits their interests and age. But more importantly, it should show how special it was for you to have them in your wedding party. 

On that note, here are our favorite gift ideas for your junior groomsmen! 

In a Hurry? Our Top 5 Gifts For Junior Groomsmen

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Gifts for Junior Groomsmen – Our Top Picks Reviewed 

Groomsmen come in various shapes, sizes, and, apparently, ages. It should be an age-appropriate reminder of the role they played on your special day – and we have a few suggestions. 

Take your pick from our 16 hand-picked gifts for junior groomsmen listed below!

1. Tie Bar Money ClipEditor’s Pick


If you want something personalized with sentimental value, this set might be the perfect gift for your junior groomsman.

All four pieces – two bullet-back closure cufflinks, a money clip, and a tie bar – feature a smooth, highly-polished surface, simple and modern design, and letter engravings for a personal touch. The set comes in a gift box with a sturdy foam insert to keep them in place.

A pair of high-quality cufflinks never goes out of style, especially not when paired with a matching tie bar and money clip. 

Fond memories of your special day will come flooding back whenever your junior groomsman gets a chance to wear them for some other special occasion.

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  • Personalized four-piece set with letter engravings
  • Bullet-back closure cufflinks, money clip, and a tie bar 
  • Highly-polished finish and modern design
  • Comes in a gift box with a foam insert


  • The polished finish shows fingerprints

2. Leather Wallet for Groomsman – Runner Up


Another typically “grown-up “gift worth considering for your little groomsman is a men’s leather wallet. Even if he’s way too young to have a wallet, he can keep it and use it later. 

A quality wallet is always an excellent gift choice – especially if you want to get matching gifts for the whole squad. 

The RFID-protected wallet measures 4.5×3.5×0.75 inches and is made from genuine black leather. The personalized touch comes from the custom laser-engraved monogram: 

You get to add your junior groomsman’s first name and last name initial on the front of the wallet.

You can throw in a few bucks in the wallet to make this the best gift for junior groomsmen ever!

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  • Men’s wallet with RFID protection 
  • Made from genuine black leather 
  • Custom laser-engraved first name and last name initial 


  • The monogram isn’t as visible as expected

3. Quartz Wooden Wrist Watch – Upgrade Pick 


They’re already wearing a suit, tie, and a nice pair of shoes to match; your junior groomsman’s doing his best to look all stylish – and grown-up – for your wedding. So, who’s to say that they’re too young to get a custom-engraved wristwatch? 

Our pick is made from 100-percent natural wood complete with a glass face, fitted on an 0.87-inch band with a buckle-type clasp, and features a high-quality Quartz movement. 

Most importantly, you’re free to add a custom engraved, 50-character message on the back of the watch, and a three-character one – such as your junior groomsman’s initials – on the dial. 

It’s a lovely personalized gift that will make your junior groomsman feel like a grown-up!

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  • Made from 100-percent natural wood 
  • Free of chemicals and paint 
  • Employs high-quality Quartz movement 
  • Add custom engraving to the dial and back of the watch 


  • Faux leather strap 
  • Pricey 

4. Groomsmen Gifts for Wedding Pocket Watch

Groomsmen Gifts for Wedding Pocket Watch

Now that everyone’s carrying a smartphone in their pocket, some would argue that even wristwatches have become obsolete. So, pocket watches don’t stand a chance, huh? 

Well, not exactly: 

While this may seem like a relative “outdated “gift, a pocket watch is one of those thoughtful and meaningful gifts for junior groomsmen that will be cherished long into adulthood. 

It’s classy, elegant, and pretty cool, too – and the best part is that it comes with a meaningful inscription that will remind your junior groomsman how much you appreciated having him in your wedding party. 

The delicately etched engraving reads “To my Groomsman “and looks stunning against the polished silver stainless steel surface.

Plus, it already comes in a black gift box! 

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  • Delicately etched engraving on polished silver stainless steel 
  • Traditional, white Roman-numeral-style face 
  • Comes in a high-quality black gift box 


  • The engraving can’t be customized 

5. Engraved Personalized Wooden Yo-Yo


No, your eyes aren’t playing any tricks on you; you’re looking at a real wooden yo-yo. And yes, we’re well aware that this is a pretty retro toy – and an unusual choice of gift for junior groomsmen – but bear with us: 

It may not be as popular these days, but that doesn’t mean that the boy in your wedding party won’t be happy to receive one. Kids are always excited to get toys – no matter how retro they are. 

Plus, this isn’t just any random yo-yo; it’s a personalized wedding keepsake! 

The yo-yo already features “Jr. Groomsman “and “Best Day Ever “engraved on the front, but you can customize it further by adding your junior groomsman’s name and the date of your wedding. 

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  • Traditional wooden yo-yo with a personalized touch
  • Engraved with “Jr. Groomsman “and “Best Day Ever ”  
  • Can be personalized with a name and wedding date 


  • Only suitable for ages 12 and up

6. Custom Personalized Baseball Gift for Junior Groomsmen


Your junior groomsman may be old enough to be a member of your wedding party, but they’re still young enough to play. So, you can’t go wrong with a sports-related gift – especially if he’s already a baseball fan in the making. 

The fact that the ball can be customized with a personal message about his wedding role makes it an even better choice: 

This standard-sized leather Rawlings baseball with signature red stitching can be custom engraved – and permanently so – with three lines of text in a variety of font choices. 

You could add your junior groomsman’s name, wedding role, and date – or whatever feels appropriate – for a perfect personalized touch. 

Either way, we’re sure that he’ll proudly display it in his room!

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  • Standard Rawlings leather baseball with bold, red stitching
  • Custom engraved with up to three lines of text 
  • Different fonts available 


  • The engraving is smaller than expected 

7. Custom Personalized Mini Baseball Bat


Like we said previously, if you have boys in your wedding party, anything sports-related – and especially sports equipment – is a gift worth considering. 

Why not surprise them with a personalized baseball bat? 

This Custom Personalized Mini Baseball Bat could be the perfect addition to their room and, at the same time, a symbol – and reminder – of their junior groomsman role at your wedding. 

We picked this 18-inch mini baseball bat because it’s made of solid wood and, more importantly, because it allows you to personalize it with three custom engraved text lines. Each line can include up to 25 characters, and you get to choose the engraving style. 

It’s the perfect gift for the little baseball slugger in your wedding party!

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  • Mini 18-inch baseball bat made of solid wood 
  • Personalized gift with custom text engravings 
  • Three lines of custom text, 25 characters per line 


  • Not an average-sized baseball bat

8. Ballstars Custom Personalized Football (Full Size)


If you know that your little groomsman is more of a football kind of guy, then we highly recommend this Custom Personalized Football by Ballstars. It doesn’t get much more personalized when it comes to sports-related gifts for junior groomsmen than this option right here: 

The imprint area measures approximately 3.25 x 6 inches and is completely customizable. Here’s what we mean by that: 

You can add a personal message or something simple – their name, date of the wedding, and words “Junior Groomsman “– or you can opt to include a photo. 

Whichever way you decide to customize it and add your personal touch, we’re pretty sure that your little groomsman will feel like a real Super Bowl MVP when he receives his gift. 

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  • Full-size, 12-inch customizable football 
  • Can be personalized with 50-character text or high-resolution photos 
  • Comes with a display stand 


  • It’s relatively pricey 

9. Laser Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife


Now, this next pick is a bit controversial as it’s far from kids-friendly; only consider it if it’s age-appropriate. And even then, you should still run it by the junior groomsman’s parents first. 

However, if you’d like to get a matching gift for all your groomsmen – without the youngest among them feeling left out – a pocket knife could be an excellent choice. 

Our personal favorite is this Elk Ridge personalized tactical pocket knife with a stainless steel 3.25-inch blade, as you can add a fully custom laser-engraved message – two lines of text with up to 20 characters each – on the front of the wooden handle. 

For example, the first line could feature their name, and you can engrave the words “Junior Groomsman “or the wedding date at the bottom. How cool is that? 

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  • Wooden handle with custom laser-engraved message
  • The stainless steel 3.25-inch blade 
  • Spring-loaded mechanism 


  • Not appropriate for junior groomsmen of all ages 

10. Kate Posh – Junior Groomsman Picture Frame

Kate Posh – Junior Groomsman Picture Frame

These days, most of us store photos online – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider getting your junior groomsman a picture frame. 

It sounds simple enough, but it can turn into a highly personalized gift with tons of sentimental value, especially if you pick something like this Kate Posh Junior Groomsman picture frame with an engraved “Thank you “note. 

You get bonus points if you frame one of the photos of your little groomsman taken at the wedding ceremony before handing it to them! 

The frame’s made for natural wood, complete with glass front, and measures 8.5×6.5×0.5 inches, so it works best with 4×6-inch photos. Plus, it comes with both an easel back stand – for tabletop or shelf display – and wall-mounting clips.

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  • Made from real, natural wood with glass front 
  • Suitable for 4×6-inch photos
  • Features a junior-groomsman-themed “Thank you “engraving 
  • Comes with an easel back stand and wall-mounting clips 


  • Only available in one size 

11. Jr. Groomsman 20-Ounce Water Bottle


Whether your junior groomsman spends all his free time out on the playground or is serious about sports, a personal reusable water bottle might just be the ideal gift. And we found one that’s just perfect for the occasion: 

With a quality aluminum construction – a much more eco-friendly and healthier alternative to BPA – and a 20-ounce capacity, this water bottle is as durable as it is convenient. And with two different style lids, both easy to use, this is the water bottle that will help them stay hydrated at all times. 

The coolest part, however, is that it has “Jr. Groomsman” written on the bottle to remind them of the role they played in your wedding ceremony. 

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  • A practical water bottle with “Jr. Groomsman” written on the side 
  • Two different easy-to-use lid styles 
  • Aluminum construction and 20-ounce capacity
  • BPA-free, eco-friendly water bottle 


  • None so far

12. Zipper Pre-Tied Woven Boys Tie


As you can tell, this pre-tied boys tie isn’t a junior-groomsmen-specific gift, but is still worth considering as an option for the younger members of your wedding party: 

If it’s their first time being a part of a wedding ceremony, a gift such as a quality tie would only make them feel even more grown-up about it. 

This one’s available in several color options and comes in two different sizes, too. The 11-inch one suits two to five-year-old boys, and the 14-inch option could fit five to ten-year-old junior groomsmen. 

Also, this pre-tied tie is made from high-quality, woven fabric, so it doesn’t look – or feel – like a cheap boy’s tie. It’s one of the most grown-up gifts your little man could get!

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  • Made from quality woven fabric 
  • Pre-tied, kids-friendly design  
  • Available in two sizes and multiple colors 
  • Easy to adjust when needed 


  • Not a personalized gift 

13. Geek & Glitter Marvel & DC Cufflink Set with Gift Box


Oh, and while we’re still on the subject of gifts that would make your little groomsman feel all grown-up, why not give them a set of Marvel- or DC-inspired cufflinks? 

A set of cufflinks generally fits the bill in terms of groomsmen gifts, but these Geek & Glitter silver-plated stainless steel cufflinks take things to a whole new level: 

The fun and unique designs will put a smile on every comic book fan’s face – whether they’re team DC or team Marvel. 

They may not be personalized, but they’ll make your little guy look all sharp and dapper – but with a fun twist. Plus, they already come in an elegant gift box!

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  • Silver-plated stainless steel cufflinks 
  • Designs are inspired by DC and Marvel comics 
  • A grown-up gift with a fun twist
  • Comes in an elegant gift box
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty 


  • Not a personalized gift 

14. Apparel Junior Groomsman Shirt


A T-shirt may not be at the top of your gifts for junior groomsmen ideas, but it can be the cute reminder of the part they played on your special day – and one that they’ll wear any chance they get. 

We found this one particularly lovely because it has “Junior Groomsman “– along with a cute bow-tie for a fun formal-wear-inspired twist – screen-printed on the front. 

Plus, it’s made from 100-percent cotton, so you know that it won’t irritate the child’s sensitive skin. 

If your junior groomsman happens to have a younger brother that gets to be a ring bearer at your wedding, this might be the perfect gift for them – you can get a matching Ring Security shirt, too!

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  • Made from 100-percent cotton 
  • Has a cute “Junior Groomsman “print on the front 
  • Comes in multiple sizes 
  • Matching Ring Security shirt available 


  • Doesn’t handle washing well 

15. Best Junior Groomsman Wedding T-Shirt


If the grown-up members of your groom squad are getting T-shirts, don’t let your junior groomsman feel excluded: 

They may not be there for the bachelor party, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a shirt as much as any other member of your wedding party.

And what better way to let them know that they’re an essential part of the group than one that has “Best Junior Groomsman Ever “printed on the front? You’d be declaring them your best junior groomsman ever – how cool is that?

This TeeCreative shirt is made of lightweight, 100-percent cotton fabric, and features a classic fit with double-stitched sleeve and bottom hems for added durability. Plus, it’s available in several different sizes, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your little groomsman. 

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  • Made from 100-percent cotton 
  • Classic fit available in different sizes 
  • “Best Junior Groomsman Ever “print 
  • Machine-washable 


  • Relatively pricey 

Gifts For Junior Groomsmen – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is a junior groomsman? 

A: The definition of “junior groomsman “seems to be debatable; you’ll even find that many people used the terms “usher “and “junior groomsman “interchangeably.

However, as a rule of thumb, junior groomsmen are usually too young to be considered full-grown groomsmen, but way too old to be ring bearers. They’re stuck in the middle: 

They’re old enough to walk and talk – and feel silly carrying wedding rings on a tiny pillow. But at the same time, they’re not old enough to drive or attend the bachelor party, let alone drink. They’re still groomsmen – but younger. 

They should wear the same tux style as the rest of the guys, get to stand at the altar, double as ushers – and even walk junior bridesmaids down the aisle, too. 

Q: How to pick a gift for a junior groomsman? 

A: Beer glasses, whiskey stones, expensive cigars, and flasks are a few examples of tried-and-true gifts that your groomsmen would love. But your junior groomsmen? Well, not so much. 

So, what type of gift should you get for your junior groomsmen? 

First of all, it would be best to get something that appeals to your junior groomsman’s age group and interests – something that they’ll find cool, useful, or fun. Also, we recommend that you pick a long-lasting gift and can serve as a reminder of your wedding day, rather than something that the child will outgrow pretty soon.

Generally speaking, though, there aren’t many strict rules to follow; you know your little groomsmen better than any buying guide ever could!

Q: How much to spend on gifts for junior groomsmen? 

A: It depends on your wedding budget, the amount you’re spending on gifts for grown-up groomsmen, and the number of groomsmen you have. You shouldn’t cheap out, let alone skip buying gifts for junior groomsmen altogether – but you shouldn’t spend a small fortune, either. 

When gift shopping for the adults at your wedding party, you’d typically spend about 10 to 25 percent of what your groomsmen spent. You can stick to that rule if your wedding budget allows it; if not, you can find excellent keepsakes and gifts for junior groomsmen around the $25 mark!

After it’s All Said & Done, We Recommend:

Tie Bar Money Clip
  • GIFT SET: 4 Piece Set of Personalized Modern Style Men's Jewelry. Each Set Includes Pair of Cuff Links, Matching Tie Bar and...
  • DESIGN: Cufflink Shape: Round: 16 x 16mm. Height: 22mm. Closure Type: Bullet-Back. Tie Bar Length: 50mm. Money Clip Length:...
  • HOW TO DRESS: Wedding - Groom and Best Men with Matching Personalized Jewelry; Fathers Day - Family Name Initials for Dad and...

Our Rating: 93/100


Why is it better? 

  1. Personalized four-piece men’s gift set 
  2. Can be custom engraved with your junior groomsman’s first name initial
  3. Includes a pair of bullet-back closure cufflinks, money clip, and a tie bar 
  4. Smooth, highly-polished finish and modern design
  5. Comes in a gift box with a foam insert that holds them in place
  6. Reasonably priced gift for junior groomsmen


Junior groomsmen have a wedding ceremony role that’s mostly symbolic. If anything, it’s a way to include your – or your future spouse’s – younger brother, cousin, or even family friend in your wedding party. 

And as one of the youngest of your wedding participants, they certainly deserve one of the best gifts for junior groomsmen – like the BodyJ4You Cufflinks Tie Bar Money Clip Personalized Gift Set

Don’t stress about this too much, though. As long as you pick a sincere gift that comes from the heart, it will serve as a cherished reminder of the role in your special day!

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