Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

Children can play with anything. They seldom care for a jam jar lid, a mobile phone, or a plain bag. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to find something that will entertain them, at least for a while. You don’t need exceptional advice for situations where everything is a toy, so cherish those moments. For the others, who are often in the majority, at least general guidelines will come in handy.

As children grow up, they gradually learn about themselves and the world around them, and toys help them do this. As time passes more quickly in their world, the toys they find interesting will also change. Plush cubs will not always be attractive, but that is no reason to deprive your child of all that a teddy bear has to offer.

Here’s what a child will enjoy at a certain age. So if you’re looking for a gift or a toy for a nephew, younger sibling, or cousin, you’ve come to the right place. The first presents are likely to arrive at Christmas.

baby toys

The best toys for babies (up to one year)

Baby’s first Christmas is a special day. Babies may not know what’s going on around them, but they feel the Christmas spirit. They react to the lights, smell the cinnamon and baking cakes in the air and feel the excitement. Parents will also pay special attention to their child’s first Christmas present.

Walking toys

They say the first steps are the hardest, and the same goes for babies. Children start walking around their first birthday (don’t panic if they dare to take that big step a little later). It’s common for everyone to seek extra safety and walking assistance for their first steps, with your help, taping up cupboards, chairs, and anything else they can find. With pushchairs, those first steps can be an even more fun activity, as children will learn to walk and push an interesting toy simultaneously. 


Children love to build, and the easiest way to do it is with blocks! At first, they find it difficult to stack one cube on top of another, but soon they’ll be piling complex constructions. Watch their reactions as they stack and knock things down, and if something is too high to stack, help them and let them scatter it all.

Toy trolleys

We’ve already mentioned that children love pushchairs when learning to walk. But, children also love to pull things and roll their favorite toys around the house. Different toy trolleys will help them do this; just make sure they don’t leave toys all around the house.

baby playing

Didactic toys

Children use didactic toys to develop motor skills, logic, interest in the world around them, fine motor skills, and much more. The child must choose a toy that will interest him, have bright colors, and play actively. As children grow, you need to monitor their development and select toys that will help them do so.

Multifunctional didactic toys

We have already mentioned the importance of baby walkers, the different didactic functions, how important colors are for children, and the different sounds that attract attention. With multi-purpose toys like a musical stroller, you get all in one. Such toys will keep children entertained for a long time, and you simply cannot go wrong with them.

Toys for children from one to two years

This is the period when children imitate everything in their environment. This is precisely why they will love anything that moves. They will play for hours with a retreating turtle, bump into objects on the way, and imitate sounds.

Although they still speak some of their own languages, they know what is going on around them.

Toys for children from two to three years

Children are now more agile and need toys that will meet their needs for movement. Parents may not like this phase because the state of readiness lasts almost constantly, but it will pass. Enjoy every moment with your little miracles.

At this stage, children will have fun with Barbie sets or some acoustic toys. Toys like “Tommy Musical Egg” are an excellent example of a toy they will like because it suits their interest.

Toys for children aged three to five years

Motor skills are already well developed at this age, and the child can perform several actions simultaneously. They will be happy to build, construct and demolish. Anything that is material is super interesting to them; sand, pebbles, water, and leaves are the most fun during this period.

Whatever the game, there will be an imitation. Imitative play dominates this period. Here it is essential to explain to the child everything that interests him, correct and complete to make concepts independently. It is also customary for the child to seek the company of peers and learn to follow the game’s rules. They will be happy to make up shapes and animals, so the “Bunchems Set” is suitable for this period. The “Barbie Set” will also give the hairdresser a game they will love.

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Toys for children over five years

They are now very serious and only interested in constructive and identification games. Girls will be mainly interested in dolls, boys in vehicles, polygons, action figures, and role play. Ideal examples are “Hot Wheels Garage” jumping and dropping figures or “Power Rangers” figures. Sports games will become more and more enjoyable, so weather permitting, outdoor games will be the best choice.

After all, I hope I have helped you. However, it should be noted that every child is unique, and these are just general guidelines. The parent knows best what his child needs and likes. Follow your instincts and buy the best Christmas present ever. If you still have concerns go over these tips for choosing toys for toddlers, and I am sure you will get some present ideas.

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