Tips For Choosing Blinds and Shades for Your Kids Bedroom

In this article about shades, you can find decent tips that can guide you in your journey to buy the best shades for your kid’s bedroom. The look of any home interior depends on the things that are used to decorate the room. That is why a lot of attention should be paid to shade choice, as they can transform a room from mediocre to more attractive while correcting some of its shortcomings.

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Some tips on choosing shades:

Shades Made From Natural Material 

The shades that decorate the children’s room must be safe for their health. It is therefore advisable to choose products made of natural fabrics.

You could pick shades made from 100% silk or cotton. These materials are proven to be healthy as well as natural. Both of these two materials are easily cleaned if needed.

However, if you feel adventurous, you can get shades made from bamboo. Bamboo is a very popular material on the market. It is allergy-free material which means even if your kid is suffering from some kind of allergies, the shades made from bamboo will not trigger new allergies.

Bamboo shades can be placed outside, but many modern rooms use small bamboo sticks and place the shades inside. Bamboo stick shades are good enough to prevent the sun from getting in the room but at the same time allow enough light that the whole room is not in complete darkness. These shades are usually brown and can fit almost any room.

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Ask Your Kids What They Like

When choosing shades for windows in the nursery, try to take into account the child’s preferences. You don’t have to do everything in classic blue tones. Look at the child, a young traveler will love a shade with the sea and a boat, and an adventurous seeker will enjoy shades in the shape of a castle. 

Some kids love wild colors, which you as a parent won’t understand. But that is the time when you should ask the question: “Should I force my child to use proper color shades, or I will listen to his wild desires?”

Unfortunately, every parent needs to answer that question alone because this decision may shape your children in the future.

Can You Clean Shades Regularly

For children’s rooms, there’s no need to choose shades with voluminous flaps and drapes. They accumulate dust, which is then very difficult to clean. However, most shades are easy to clean, you just throw them in the washing machine, and that’s it. The more complicated part is removing shades from windows and installing them back after they are cleaned.

You should also look at the installation process. If it is very complicated and you think this type of shade will need regular cleaning, you should look for more straightforward shades since you don’t want to spend the whole day playing with shades.

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As you already noticed, some shades are simple and have a simple installation process. And some shades have complex systems to roll up and down. If you look at the bamboo stick system, you can see the system is not complicated, and rolling up and down is easy to do. But you should also look at the durability of such roll-up and down systems. Some systems are not made for continuous rolling up and down, and shades will wear off with time. If the roll-up system wears off, all you could do is spend money on new shades or keep the current shades rolled down all the time.

How Much Light

Some shades allow good light to the room even if they are entirely rolled down. They also provide good privacy since it is hard to see when shades are down from the outside. If you want more light, you need to pick a special design that allows more light in the room even if the shades are completely down. Morning light is an essential part of young ones’ lives. It is proven that light in the morning will wake you up faster, and you will wake up fresh in the morning. But at night it is also important to keep the artificial light outside, especially if you live in a big city with lots of neon lights. Keeping the room in the dark during sleep is equally important as light in the morning. Because of that, it is highly suggested to find adjustable shades that can be adjusted to your desires.


It is nice to have colorful shades with an excellent automatic roll-up and down system. However, these types of shades cost money. Since you are looking for shades for the children’s room, you probably don’t need fancy mechanical shades. All you can do is look at affordable shades that have shapes and colors that your kid likes. There are many options, and for sure, you can find shades that fulfill your kid’s desires.

You should also keep in mind that your kids will grow, and the shades they like today they will most probably don’t like in the future. Because of that, it is always wise to buy budget shades for kids’ rooms. You never know when the time will come, and your kid will want different shades.

Also, you should keep in mind that size matters. If you have large windows, the shades you need will cost more than those for a small room with small windows. 


The shades for the child are chosen according to the taste of the child and its parents. But remember that the child’s mind must come first. All parents want to give their children the very best. This also applies to the interior design of the child’s bedroom. Think about everything down to the smallest detail. Pink rooms with elegant furniture are a thing of the past. Today, bedrooms are as diverse as a child’s personality. 

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