Welcome to CMSCKids.org! 

My name is Mona Smith, and I’d like to welcome you to CMSCKids.org, a place where all parents – and other gift-givers – can turn to for up-to-date, well-rounded insights on the best, most popular kids’ toys, year-round gift guides, and more! 

Why focus on toy reviews, gift inspiration, and guides? 

Even before my first-hand experience with motherhood, every time birthdays and holiday seasons rolled around, I would find myself browsing through website after website and countless product pages. 

I was always searching for the coolest toys and the most awesome gifts for the kids in my life. 

And let me tell you something: 

It was hard, time-consuming, and downright confusing – and I was often left wanting more in terms of descriptions, honest reviews, and other valuable info that would make my choice easier. 

Now that I’m a mom myself, between all the birthday parties and holidays, finding the perfect toy – one that brings the fun factor as well as educational value – has become a priority. 

So, I figured: 

If I can’t seem to find a go-to source for this kind of stuff – toy reviews, shopping guides, and gift inspiration – why not create it myself? I’m already doing the research, so why not help other confused gift-givers while I’m at it? 

That’s how CMSCKids.org came to be. 

The most valuable lesson I learned through the combined efforts of parenthood and tireless research – and the one I hope to pass on to you – is that toys can be a lot more than the obvious “fun and games.” 

Yes, a new toy is bound to make any child squeal with joy and excitement, and keep them entertained for hours. But look underneath the surface, and you’ll find the ever-important opportunity for learning through play, too. 

Besides the pure entertainment value, the best toys can engage your child’s senses, spark their imagination and broaden their horizons, develop their motor skills, and encourage them to interact with and explore the world around them. 

Isn’t it fascinating? 

Every time your little one sits down to play, they’re learning new and valuable life skills that they’ll carry well into adulthood! 

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said that play is the highest form of research?

It’s up to you to find the best toys for the kids in your lives that will encourage them to explore, grow, and develop through play – and it’s up to CMSCKids.org to help you make that choice with our: 

  • Toy Reviews for every age, gender, special occasion, and budget based on our first-hand experiences and backed up by thorough research. 
  • Gift Inspirations for parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and caregivers, looking to master the art of gift-giving – especially around birthdays and holidays. 
  • Shopping Guides that help you pick out the best toys based on factors such as quality, originality, educational and developmental value, and the good, old fun factor. 

I hope that you’ll enjoy CMSCKids.org as much as I did as I was putting it all together. 

More importantly, I hope that you find what you need – whether it’s gift-shopping inspiration to get you through the holiday season, in-depth toy reviews, or tips that could make the whole toy-shopping experience a lot easier. If you need some extra help, please, don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach me here or drop a comment on any of my posts – and we’ll figure out the best toys for your little ones together!