Visitor Tips

There is so much to see and do in the museum. For the best experience, follow some of these tips:

• Since the museum is an indoor facility, you may not need your heavy coats and jackets. Please leave those in the car as there is no storage area available for them inside.

• We cannot be responsible for valuables left or lost at the museum. Please leave those items in your vehicle.

• Large strollers may be difficult to maneuver throughout the museum. If you are able to enjoy the fun without the stroller, please do so.

• The facility has a variety of levels with steps and ramps. For safety, we ask that you and your family walk and not run.

• A lot of the experience is based on exploration of the museum. After you finish with an exhibit, please put things back where they belong for other museum guests.

• Museum staff members are constantly walking the floors to ensure a fun and safe environment. Report any issues or concerns to a staff member.

• If your child puts any objects or toys in their mouth, we have sanitation baskets throughout the museum. Place the object in this basket so it is out of reach until our daily sanitation takes place.

• The museum is a place of fun and excitement! Please bring your imagination and step into our world of learning and discovery!