Support the Children’s Museum of South Carolina

Your support will enable us to…

Make a positive impact on your community

Myrtle Beach is a thriving community in South Carolina, and we’re honored to provide support to kids, their families and their teachers throughout the region. The Children’s Museum of South Carolina also plays host to many of Myrtle Beach’s tourist visitors and thanks to your support, our facility speaks well of our community.

Help kids learn in fun and different ways

There’s nothing like hands-on experiences to teach kids the important concepts they’ll need to live successful lives. Your support helps us keep the Museum fresh, so that kids can have new experiences each time they visit.

Provide parents an environment where they can enjoy time with their family

Families are important to our community, and they’re important to the successful development of a child. Our Museum is an ideal place for parents to spend quality time with their kids and become involved in their learning experience

Provide educators with unique learning opportunities for students

Our exhibits help educators teach kids art of learning, exploration, and discovery, while exposing them to a wide array of cultural experiences.

You can also make an in-kind contribution. Make a difference by donating items to help the museum extend programming and enhance the exhibits at CMSC!

Common items needed:

• Art and Craft Supplies
• Office Supplies
• New Toddler Learning Tools (Large Building Blocks, Floor Puzzles, Train Table)