Who we Are

Who We Are

Children’s Museum Staff

  • Jessica Gregory,  Museum Manager
  • Matt Helms, Museum Educator
  • Abigail Langrehr, Museum Experiences Lead
  • Kathy Coppell, Program Guide
  • Heather Dickinson, Program Guide
  • Autumn Hancock, Program Guide
  • Bri Jenkins, Program Guide
  • Alexis Ortiz, Program Guide
  • Zachary Stack, Program Guide
  • Jo Todd, Program Guide

Executive Board of Directors

• Melody Breeden, President
• Bobbei Ruswinckel, Vice President
• Barbara Vahey, Secretary
• Jerome Christia, Treasurer

Board of Directors
• Robert Blair
• Molly Causey
• Kenneth Generette
• Tim Ruedy




Children's Museum of South Carolina

Located in Myrtle Beach, The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is an interactive playground filled with fun and exciting Daily Programs, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Field Trips, Outreach Programs and Private Rentals Available.