Frequently Asked Museum Questions

If I leave the museum, can I come back in?
Yes, you can come back to the museum within the same days operating hours. Be sure to check with the front desk to have your hand stamped for re-entry.

What age is the museum geared towards?
The museum caters to children 8 and under. We highly recommend family play! With the right imagination and spark of fun, anyone can have a great time!

Do you serve food?
We have a small selection of snacks and beverages available for purchase. There is a sitting area in the lobby for you to enjoy your snack. No food or beverages are allowed inside the museum.

Is there a water fountain?
Bottled water is available for purchase in the gift shop, but there is not a water fountain in the museum.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, located in the back of the museum near the gem mining flume.

Is there free Wifi?
CMSC does not offer free Wifi

Can I take pictures?
Yes, please feel free to share your experience with others and post to our social media sites.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes! You can follow us on Facebook here