Children’s Museum History

Since its inception, EdVenture Myrtle Beach, Formerly CMSC, has experienced tremendous growth. In 1994, the Museum opened its doors, occupying a modest 1,200-square foot retail space in a local mall. The Museum was well received by all who visited. As a result, the museum began to expand.

In March of 1995, EdVenture Myrtle Beach acquired a 7,500 square foot facility and the task of restructuring the space into a museum environment began. During this period, 10 exhibits were designed, built and purchased. In March of 1996, the Museum once again opened its doors to the community. As a result of continued support, the Museum acquired an additional 1,200 square feet of space in the summer of 1998.

As the Museum continues to experience growth, it is steadily challenged to meet the needs of our community and state as a provider of a family-oriented learning environment that promotes interactive learning. As the local resident and tourist populations continue to increase, the need to provide quality family-oriented experiences increases. This is evidenced by the museum’s steadily increasing number of visitors and voiced through visitor surveys at the Museum.